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Vegetable Planting Topsoil

A nutrient rich blend of sandy loam, multipurpose compost and soil conditioner.

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Field No. 15 Peat Free Vegetable Planting Topsoil

What is it?

Field No.15 Vegetable Planting Topsoil is a nutrient rich blend of sandy loam, multipurpose compost and soil conditioner.

What does it do?

Field No.15 is ideal for re-potting and feeding of vegetable plants, mature foliage and shrubs in raised beds or containers either outdoors or indoors.

Benefits include:

  • It has a low bulk density which aids drainage and encourages the establishment of plant roots.
  • It contains a high level of organic matter that will help hold nutrients more effectively in the root zone.
  • It contains a balanced level of major nutrients and trace elements that will naturally encourage plant growth.
  • It has a high water retaining capacity, reducing the requirement for irrigation.

How do you use it?

For use in raised beds simply fill the bed with the Field No.15 vegetable planting topsoil then either plant seeds directly or transplant young plants from the greenhouse. Once the raised bed is planted it is beneficial to apply a mulch such as Field No.8 Ornamental Bark Mulch or Field No.12 Veggie Mulch around the plants to a depth of 75-100mm.

For use in pots follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure the pot can drain excess water through the base.  It is often beneficial to introduce some “crocks” or broken polystyrene to serve this purpose.
  2. Remove the plant from its current pot and gently tease out the roots.
  3. Fill the base of the pot/container/raised bed with the Field No.15 so that the top of the root ball sits just below the top of the pot/container.
  4. Fill the area around the plant with Field No.15, firming it in as you go to eliminate air pockets.
  5. Water in according to the weather conditions. If planted indoors or in a pot standing on a hard area make sure there is an adequate drip tray/saucer to collect excess water.
  6. Once planted in a pot it is a good idea to apply a mulch product such as the Field No. 11 Pine Pot Mulch to depth of about 15mm. This will help hold moisture in the pot/container, suppress the growth of weeds and liverworts, plus provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Typical physico-chemical properties and nutrient content

Parameter Value Unit Method reference
Electrical conductivity 650 µS/cm @ 20C BS EN 13038
Bulk Density 700 kg/m3 BS EN 12540
pH 7 N/A BS EN 13037
Total Nitrogen as N 2600 mg/l Modified Kjeldahl, BS EN 13654-1
Total Phosphorus as P 800 mg/l BS EN 13650
Total Potassium as K 2600 mg/l BS EN 13650
Sodium as Na 150 mg/l BS EN 13650
Magnesium as Mg 990 mg/l BS EN 13650
Sulphur as S 400 mg/l BS EN 13650
Boron as B 4 mg/l BS EN 13650
Copper as Cu 25 mg/l BS EN 13650
Iron as Fe 15000 mg/l BS EN 13650
Manganese as Mn 190 mg/l BS EN 13650
Molybdenum as Mo 2 mg/l BS EN 13650
Calcium as Ca 15000 mg/l BS EN 13650
Zinc as Zn 60 mg/l BS EN 13650

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This is great stuff! I can also recommend the helpful communication and the prompt and careful delivery.

Great priduct and service, would definately use again
High quality topsoil which was delivered promptly. Your driver was attentive and careful in placing the topsoil where it could be easily taken by wheelbarrow to a new raised bed which was under construction in the back garden. Early plantings are already beginning to grow. We would certainly recommend this product and your service.
Good service, good product, can reccomend
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