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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. Definition and Interpretation

    1. The company means Field (compost) Ltd.
    2. Registered address for correspondence: Tara, Broad Road, Little Thurlow, Haverhill, Suffolk. CB9 7JJ.
    3. The customer means any individual or business contracting with the company for the supply of products or services.
    4. Delivery means delivery by the company or any subcontractor employed by the company directly or indirectly.
    5. These conditions may only be modified by a variation in writing signed by a Director. By purchasing our products via our website it will be taken as agreement to these terms and conditions of sale.
  2. Products & Services

    1. Every effort will be made to ensure products and services are fit for purpose and of the quality described. However, no warranties or guarantees are offered or implied in regard to the quality, visual appearance or fitness for purpose of these products and services.
    2. Products are supplied by approximate volume unless otherwise stated. The customer accepts that the appearance, characteristics and moisture content of products may be subject to slight variation.
    3. Guidance is provided on how to use products effectively; however, no liability is accepted for the failure of plants or turf as a result of improper use.
    4. Products are not suitable for ingestion by humans or animals. No liability is accepted for death, illness or injury to humans or animals as a result of ingesting products.

    5. Once a product has been paid for and delivered it becomes the property of the customer. The company accepts no liability for any incident, accident or injury resulting from the storage of the products once delivered.
    6. Returns will be accepted if the product delivered is out of specification (specification sheets are downloadable from for all products supplied by the company). The customer will notify the company of any customer service issues within 30 days of delivery. Customer service issues will be communicated in writing to The company will respond within 48hrs of a customer service issue being raised.
    7. The company will offer advice on the approximate quantity of products required based on the data provided by the customer. However, the customer takes full responsibility for ordering the correct quantity of products. The company will not provide refunds for surplus products and the collection of surplus products will be subject to a collection charge.
  3. Dispatch and Delivery of Products and Services

    1. Once an order has been confirmed the company will make every effort to dispatch and deliver the products/services ordered within the agreed timescales. However, the company does not provide any guarantees on the specific timing of a delivery and does not accept any liability for losses/costs/damages incurred as a result of late delivery of products/services.
    2. If the company are not able to deliver an item due to the customer providing inaccurate, vague or ambiguous information then the customer will be liable for any delivery costs the company incurs as a result.
    3. The company will always try it’s best to ensurethat products are delivered in the location requested by the customer. However, delivery will always be subject to safe and legal vehicle access, details of delivery capabilities and restrictions are available on the company website (
    4. The company does not accept any liability for damage to property incurred whilst the driver is acting under the instruction of the customer.If a company vehicle becomes stuck or damaged as a result of manoeuvring under the customer’s instruction, then the customer will be liable for any recovery, repair or waiting costs incurred.
    5. If the company or delivery contractor acting on behalf of the company cannot gain access to the delivery location as instructed and agreed by the customer, then additional charges may apply. In this instance the customer will be liable to pay the original delivery cost of the item plus any redelivery or return costs incurred. The customer accepts that if they can’t be contacted and if it is safe and legal to do so the product/s ordered will be left at the kerbside (see 2.5 above for customer liabilities).
  4. Cancellation/Returns and Order Amendments

    1. The customer has the right to cancel any order at any time up to 14 days from when the order was placed. If the customer cancels their order within 14days of placing it a full refund will be issued for the cost of the goods. If the order is cancelled after the product has been dispatched, then the customer will need to return the goods in the same condition that they were dispatched within 14 days of cancelling the order.
    2. Orders can only be amended prior to the goods being dispatched. If a customer wishes to amend or cancel an order they should email the amendment/cancellation instructions to stating “Urgent Order Amendment/Cancellation” in the subject field of the email.
    3. The customer will be liable for any carriage costs incurred as a result of an order being cancelled or amended after the goods have been dispatched.
  5. Privacy

    1. The company does not store any creditor debit card numbers provided by customers.