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Field No.21 High Quality Planting Topsoil

A high quality blended planting topsoil that is rich in nutrients and organic matter.

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Field No.21 High Quality Planting Topsoil

What is it?

A high quality blended planting topsoil that is rich in nutrients and organic matter.

What does it do?

Field No.21 has a low bulk density making it less prone to compaction and is perfect for planting larger trees and shrubs in raised beds and containers. The improved soil structure benefits root penetration and access to soil moisture and nutrients; it allows for better emergence of seedlings due to reduced crusting of the surface; and greater water infiltration, retention and availability due to improved porosity. Field No.21 is carefully blended and graded to less than 8mm ensuring that it is always a clean and consistent product.

Benefits include:

  • Field No.21 is blended from a 50:50 by volume blend of high quality sandy clay loam and BSI PAS100 soil conditioner. The low bulk density makes it ideal for permanent planting schemes in pots and raised beds.
  • Field No.21 contains up to 20% organic matter that will help stimulate soil life and nutrient transfer to growing plants.
  • Field No.21 contains a natural supply of nutrients essential for plant growth.

Directions for use Use Field No.21 for planting shrubs and herbaceous perennials/annuals in pots and in raised beds.

  1. Prepare your raised bed or planting container ensuring that there is adequate drainage.
  2. Calculate how much Field No.21 High Quality Planting Topsoil you need. A cubic metre is enough to cover 10m2 at a depth of 100mm.  If you aren’t sure how much you need give us a call and we will do the calculations for you.
  3. Apply the Field No.21 to the required depth allowing an additional 15-20% for settlement.
  4. Once planted it is a good idea to apply a mulch such as the Field No.8 contract ornamental to a depth of 75-100mm. This will help hold moisture in the soil, suppress the growth of weeds and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to the planted area.

A note on alternative products

If you are looking to grow vegetables in a raised bed we would recommend our Field No.15 Vegetable Planting Topsoil.

For bedding turf or raising levels on planting areas we would recommend our Field No.6 Premium Grade Topsoil.

Or if you have specific requirements such as growing ericaceous plants or wild flowers let us know and we can blend a product accordingly.

Give us a call on 01440 966966  or email us

Field No.21 High Quality Planting Topsoil Product Specification Sheet

Download a handy product specification sheet here.

Fast and efficient service and the delivery drivers were very helpful re placing of bags for easiest access. The soil we ordered seems good quality and was weed and stone free. We used it for planting trees in new raised beds and a vegetable bed, we look forward to reaping the fruits of our labours!
I was recommended Field Compost by my nephew who is a lawncare specialist. I have to say the product and customer service are both fantastic. I would highly recommend
Very pleased with the quality of the soil we received, We have heard stories from friends of soil purchased from other Companies being full of stones but the soil we received from Field Compost was excellent. Prompt delivery, easy to navigate website, we will definitely purchase from this Company again.
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