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Field No.12 Nutrimulch

A special purpose blend of high quality composted soil improver and Maximulch for the mulching of vegetable beds and ornamental borders.

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Field No.12 – Nutrimulch

What is it?

A special purpose blend of high quality composted soil improver and Maximulch for the mulching of vegetable beds and ornamental borders. Contains more organic matter than manure on its own or spent mushroom compost.

What Does It Do?

Provides a protective mulch layer to planted beds and planters, particularly useful for vegetable beds throughout the growing season. Gradually improves the quality of soil via the introduction of valuable organic matter whilst supplying important plant nutrients.

Benefits include:

  • Field No.12 can be used as a mulch that provides an insulating “blanket” for the soil that will suppress weeds whilst protecting plants from frost and severe weather conditions.
  • Field No.12 provides a mulch layer that inhibits weed growth and makes the control of annual weeds easier via the regular use of a garden hoe.
  • Field No.12 supplies plenty of potash which is nature’s answer to anti-freeze for plants.
  • Field No.12 naturally releases balanced levels of phosphate that will help stimulate root growth.
  • Field No.12 slowly releases nitrogen as the soil warms up helping to bring your garden back to life in the spring.
  • Field No.12 will stimulate the eco-system in the soil.  The increased worm activity will quite literally dig this valuable source of organic matter into the soil for you.
  • Field No.12 contains an abundance of humic acid that holds nutrients in the plant rootzone for longer.
  • Field No.12 will encourage beneficial microorganisms in the soil that improve plants resistance to disease.

How do you use it?

Spread evenly over bare soil around plants to a depth of 5 - 10 cm.  Alternatively Field 12 can be mixed in with a spade or a fork ahead of planting.

Field No.12 Nutrimulch Product Specification Sheet

Download a handy product specification sheet here.

Lovely product, very helpful staff both on the phone and when delivering. Great service, highly recommended.

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Always a pleasure to order from Field Compost, prompt and very reliable service, and the garden seems to appreciate the good quality mulch.
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