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Pine Play bark

A premium quality graded pine bark

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Field No.9 Pine Play Bark

What is it?

A premium quality graded pine bark.

What does it do?

It can be used either as ornamental bark mulch or as an impact absorbing surface beneath play equipment.

What are the benefits?

  • Field No.9 meets with specifier requirements for use as a loose impact absorbing surface (LIAS) and conforms to BS EN1177.
  • Field No.9 conforms to BS EN4790 for fire resistance.
  • Field No.9 is FSC Certified.
  • Field No.9 is highly durable and will last for between 3 and 5 years.
  • Field No.9 is a premium quality ornamental bark mulch suitable for show gardens and prestigious planting areas.
  • Field No.9 suppresses the growth of existing perennial weeds and resists colonisation by annual weed seeds.
  • Field No.9 allows for clean access to planted areas whilst resisting soil compaction from foot traffic.
  • Field No.9 is free draining and holds moisture in the soil reducing the need for irrigation.
  • Field No.9 adds an insulating layer to the base of plants  resisting the climatic extremes of both freezing and drought conditions.

How much do I need?

  1. Measure the approximate surface area of the bed or border you wish to mulch.
  2. Decide how deep you wish to install the mulch.  For best results 75mm – 100mm is recommended.
  3. 1m³ of this product will be sufficient to cover the following surface area:
Depth of mulch:  50mm 75mm 100mm
Area covered: 20m² 13.33m² 10m²

Alternatively give us a call with the dimensions of the area you wish to mulch and we will do the calculations for you.

Directions for use as mulch

  1. Clear weeds from area ahead of planting. Spraying off with a systemic herbicide such as glyphosate two to three weeks prior to planting is particularly effective.
  2. Prepare and cultivate the root zone. The addition of Field No. 1 soil conditioner or Field No.16 Tree and Shrub planting compost is recommended at this stage.
  3. To further reduce maintenance requirements and to increase mulch life a geo-textile mat can be laid ahead of planting.  Select our great value purchase option that includes a 1000L bulk bag with a 10 square metre roll of Mulchtex Weedmat and Pegs.
  4. Install plants.
  5. Spread Field No.9 evenly at a depth of between 75 and 100mm (3 to 4 inches) allowing at least 10% for settlement.
  6. For best results reduce disturbance of mulch once installed.
  7. For best results top up levels every 6-12 months.

Directions for use as LIAS (Loose impact absorbing surface)

  1. Clear and mark out area where play equipment/apparatus will be installed.
  2. Excavate area to accommodate the installation of bark to recommended minimum depth as per BS EN 1177 recommended depths below.  Alternatively railway sleepers can be used to raise up the area in which the play equipment/apparatus will be installed.  If you are unsure about the depth at which the LIAS should be installed please give us a call or send us an email?
  3. On areas that are poorly drained, it may be necessary to install a drainage area beneath the LIAS.
  4. Install a heavy duty geotextile membrane beneath the area on which the bark will be installed.
  5. Install bark to the depth required.
  6. Field No.9 is manufactured from natural bark residues and as such may contain a small quantity of wood shards/pieces of bark with sharp edges.  It may be considered necessary to remove any pieces considered unsafe by hand prior to the play equipment/apparatus being used.

BS EN 1177 Recommended depths of installation

Critical Fall Height Recommended minimum depth of bark
Less than 6m 300mm
Less than 3.5m 200mm
Less than 1m 100mm

Product specification sheet

Field No.9 Pine Play Bark spec sheet

We use the Pine Play Bark as a decorative mulch on our borders. The product is well graded and is all bark with no other material mixed in. All delivered as agreed-good service.

Great product and very competitively priced - buying was quick and easy. Pictures on website reflected the product delivered. Chris was totally responsive, excellent communications. Delivery was very fast and absolutely no issues. Would definitely buy again and very happy to recommend.
I've used various bark in the past, but this is by far the best. Both orders have been delivered on the day arranged and unloaded where I wanted on the front drive, even though we were out on one occasion. Excellent product and service.
We decided last year to use the pine play bark as a decorative mulch on all our borders (to minimise weeding). We had two deliveries, both of which were on the date and time arranged, and the delivery driver was very accommodating as we have difficult access. The product is good grade, has wintered well and the good news is that there are minimal weeds, which are so easy to pull out.
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