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Great Value Lawn Care Bundles

Great value Bulk or Jumbo Bags of our high quality organic lawn dressing graded to <4mm with sufficient 1.75kg pouches of Greenvelvet All Rounder lawn seed.

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1000L Bulk Bag + 2 x 1.75kg All Rounder Grass Seed Postcode required
1500L Jumbo Bag + 3 x 1.75kg All Rounder Grass Seed Postcode required

Field No.4 Organic Fine Grade Lawn Dressing

What is it?

Finely graded <4mm lawn dressing manufactured from composted organic material in accordance with BSI PAS100 (2018).

What does it do?

Provides a valuable source of organic nutrients and soil organic matter for the establishment and maintenance of a healthy lawn.

What are the benefits?

Field No.4 returns provides a valuable source of organic matter.

Field No.4 improves the soils ability to hold on to water making your lawn more resilient to drought conditions.

Field No.4 provides a slow release of nutrients that grass and plant species need to grow.

Field No.4 helps to suppress soil borne diseases, resulting in a healthier lawn.

Field No.4 improves the rooting of grass seed and provides a denser more verdant sward.

How do you use it?

For best results scarify and aerate the lawn prior to top dressing. Sow an appropriate grass seed mix to match the existing lawn. Apply 10 – 15mm of Field No.4 then brush into the grass and water in. Avoid over watering as puddling and water logging will be detrimental.

Mister Compost and Ernie show you how to get the best from Field No.4 Organic Lawn Dressing

Bit courser than thought it would be and awaiting result of grass seed. Plenty of moisture,just needs the sun.
Good value
Delivered on time by a very helpful driver. The lawn bundle has been very effective in helping our lawn to recover after last summer's drought which left large patches of bare earth.
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