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High Quality Fine Grade Topsoil

A finely graded <4mm blend of sandy loam topsoil and composted organic material.

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Field No.5 High Quality Fine Grade Topsoil

What is it?

A finely graded <4mm blend of sandy loam topsoil and composted organic material.

What does it do?

Has a multitude of applications but is most commonly used to level uneven areas of lawn as part of a seasonal maintenance programme.

What are the benefits?

  • Field No.5 is blended with a high quality sandy loam that is ideal for levelling uneven lawns
  • Field No.5 contains high levels of organic matter which improves the soils ability to hold on to water.
  • Field No.5 provides organic nutrients to both established lawns as well as germinating new seed.
  • Field No.5 can be also be used in small pots and planters as a topsoil, just fill pot to required level.

How do you use it?

Easy to use as it contains no lumps or stones. Just simply level to required depth using a shovel or the back of a rake. Sow grass seed evenly and rake to cover and gently compact with either a garden roller or by using your feet.

I've had two bags of this now, which I have used for filling in dips and trenches in my lawn. The grass seed likes it!
I've had 2 deliveries so far and I am very pleased. Very good quality soil with no unwanted extras. Very good service too. Highly recommended.
Top quality fine grade top soil which I used for filling in hollows in lawn. It’s dry with a bit of compost material included with minimal stone content. I’ve made my own previously with as dug soil but by the time it takes to dry it and sieve it buying this product is far more viable unless you like your back aching and you got a lot of time on your hands. 1 litre per mm (In height) per m2 if you need to work out how much you need. Thanks Field
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