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Mister Compost’s July Gardening Tips

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#Friday feeling!  Here at Field Compost we’ve recently taken a leap into the Twitter-sphere as a means of communicating our activities on a more frequent and certainly more concise basis.  We have successfully “tweeted” over forty times now and have just about worked out the use of # and @ to more effectively make our presence to others known.  I would liken Twitter to a room containing several million people all shouting at once whilst only one or two seem to be actually listening.  Still I’m sure we will master the art of effective attention seeking soon, perhaps #Louis Spence or #Robbie Williams might offer some advice?  Follow for regular updates on all things compost related and some things that aren’t.

Watering can
Conserve water by mulching your beds, borders and plant pots this summer.

British summertime seemed to come and go again last week and whilst it was here the hot weather elevated watering to the top of the gardening “to do list”.  Most of you will be aware of the benefits of watering the garden in the evening.  The cooler temperature and absence of direct sunlight helps both you and the plants to get best value from the contents of the rapidly diminishing water butt or the estimated 0.01p per litre from the tap.  Another great water saving trick is to once again top up the borders with mulch,  an insulating layer of compost, manure or bark will further reduce the evaporation of water during the hot daytime temperatures.  The afore mentioned compost and manure products will give the plants a very welcome liquid feed every time you water as well!

Manure Mulch
Field No.18 Organic manure is a great summer mulch for the vegetable patch!

The use of mulch to conserve water is just as easily applied to pots and containers as well and Field 11 pot mulch is as the name suggests, perfect for this application.  It is screened to less than 12mm so can be used on the smallest of pots and will also help to limit the growth of unwanted algae, liverwort and moss that can look unsightly and may inhibit the growth of small/young plants.

Field 11 Pot Mulch
Field No.11 Pot Mulch does exactly what the name suggests!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post the Field Compost team have that #Friday feeling, and as such there seems to be general agreement that the depth of mulch in the local beer garden borders will require checking later on this afternoon.