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Suffolk-based Chris Field, Mister Compost himself, is here to give you advice on peat free composts, topsoil and mulches.

RHS London Shades of Autumn Show

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This year’s RHS London Shades of Autumn show will present the beauty of autumnal colours while exploring the edible delights that the season has to bring. It also offers tons of stimulating advice to keep your garden full of colour and texture throughout the autumn months. So now we are in the full swing of […]

How to lay the perfect new lawn

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Tools required: Garden fork; Rake; Shovel; Wheel barrow; Tiller/Rotovator (optional for large compacted areas); A number of scaffold/timber boards sufficiently wide to cover the length/width of the proposed lawn; A sharp knife (A cheap retractable bladed craft knife is ideal); A heavy sledge hammer or tamp for banging down boards. Preparation As with any job, […]

Mister Compost’s early spring gardening tips 2017

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New Field No.23 Professional Potting Blend has arrived! Here we are again at the start of another growing season, and how quickly it’s come around!  We’ve been really busy at Field Compost ltd making preparations for the year ahead and getting our retail outlets stocked up for the spring.  We’re particularly excited about our new […]

Mister Compost’s summer gardening tips 2016

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It’s Ben from Field Compost again and what a difference a couple of month’s make! The barmy summer weather has arrived at last and the combination of sunshine, a good quality topsoil (with plenty of Field 18 manure mixed in) and plenty of watering is now paying dividends in our front garden.  The trick now is […]

Mister Compost’s late-spring gardening tips 2016

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Hi, it’s Ben from Field Compost here.  In this post I thought I’d update you all on a new project that my wife Janet and I have been working on. We moved into our house nearly three years ago now and were fortunate enough to inherit a well looked after small garden.  The front of the property had been […]

Mister compost’s early spring gardening tips 2016

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Late February has to be one of the best times of year.  It’s still cold outside but the days are noticeably longer and the tell-tale emerging bulbs, early blossom and swollen horse chestnut buds are all heralding spring’s imminent arrival. With spring just around the corner we thought we’d share a few great ways to […]

Mister Compost’s August Gardening Tips

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August is a great month to be in the garden and even though the days are noticeably shortening again, it’s a month for enjoying the moment. Off cause there is still plenty to do in the form of watering, weeding, mowing and pruning, but it’s also time to enjoy the fruits of your labour from […]

Mister Compost’s July Gardening Tips

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#Friday feeling!  Here at Field Compost we’ve recently taken a leap into the Twitter-sphere as a means of communicating our activities on a more frequent and certainly more concise basis.  We have successfully “tweeted” over forty times now and have just about worked out the use of # and @ to more effectively make our […]

Mister Compost’s June Gardening Tips

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Well here’s a turn up, Mister Compost’s gardening tips are actually being written and posted on time for a change!  This is fairly remarkable given how busy the Field Compost Team are at the moment, but a rainy Friday afternoon has gifted me time to rattle the laptop keyboard for an hour.  This has to […]

Mister Compost’s April and May Gardening Tips

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As you might have gathered April has been a very busy month for Mister Compost and the Field Compost team and as such the monthly gardening tips update has rather shamefully slipped to the last week of the month.  So here are some handy hints for getting the most from your garden in what’s left […]