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Turf and Grass Seed

Although new lawns can be created at any time of year, it is probably safe to say that September/October is the favoured time to either lay new turf or create a new lawn from scratch using a high quality grass seed.  August therefore is a good time to prepare the ground for either turf or overseeding.  Ground preparation is singularly the most important element of ensuring the perfect lawn.  Time and effort taken now will be rewarded by level green grass.  As well as supplying very high quality turf, we are also agents for Barenbrug Green Velvet Grass Seed.  There are 8 varieties in the range:- Multipurpose, Luxury, Water Saver, Hard Wearing, Mow Less, Shady, SOS Lawn Repair and RHS Rootgrow.  We always keep Multipurpose in stock but can supply any of the others.  Our turf is cut to order and delivered the same morning.  It is grown in the Fens near Chatteris.  The grass is grown over a period of 18 months before harvest.  This ensures a good strong root.  For information and advice, please give me a call.