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At last a bit on sunshine!! It was finally great to attend a Farmers Market and have people talk to me about getting out in the garden.  For too many weeks people have walked past without stopping.  Prehaps at last they might get gardening and using my products.  Time will tell if it’s too late in the season or not.

I also do some work with a Commercial composting facility near Buntingford in Hertfordshire.  The company, Cumberlows, operate an In-Vessel system that is fully licenced to process municipal material.  It has been a very challenging time as much of that material has come in very wet.  They have coped very well considering and hopefully now there is a settled spell of weather forcast, the task of producing a valuable compost will be made more straightforward. The compost produced at this site mainly goes to agriculture and there is plenty of demand from local farmers eagre to add organic matter to their soil. I have been involved with the site for many years and designed and built their In-Vessel system, something I am proud of.

This coming week will hopefully see things returning to normal with people out in the garden.  I can only hope that the fine weather will see an increase in demand for topsoil and compost.