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Common topsoil myths uncovered


Understanding all of the ins and outs relating to topsoil ensures that you can make the most of this uppermost layer of soil, but do you really know what topsoil is all about? Here are some common topsoil myths debunked.

“Any soil can be used as topsoil”

If you have some old, spent soil lying around in the garden, you might think this can be applied as a useful topsoil layer, but soil and topsoil aren’t necessarily the same thing. Topsoil is, invariably, much higher in organic matter, and with added manure or soil improver will function more effectively than any old soil you’ve got hanging about.

“It won’t work as a mulch”

Mulching beds and borders has numerous benefits, reducing the need for weeding, improving soil structure and aiding moisture retention. While many people automatically think of bark, wood chip and mulch solutions such as gravel as the ideal candidates for this task, don’t discount the uses of topsoil when it comes to mulching.

“Topsoil isn’t needed for lawn care”

Many people assume topsoil is only used on raised beds and borders, but it can play a part in helping with lawn care. In particular, if you’re planting a new lawn or repairing patches in your lawn, applying a thin layer of topsoil can help to protect the grass seeds as they start to emerge.

“Topsoil is identical”

You could be forgiven for assuming that all topsoil is the same, made from the same mix of clay, silt and sand, but this isn’t the case at all. There can be wide variations in the ratios of ingredients used in topsoil mixes, making each type suitable for different purposes, whether that might be improving the lawn, adding to flower beds and borders or enhancing hard landscaping. If you’re not sure what kind of topsoil you need and for which purposes, the experts at Field Compost, can advise you on your options.

“The soil won’t need improving”

Whether you apply composts or topsoil to your beds and borders, it’s not the case that the soil won’t ever need to improve again. While applying these will, certainly, improve the nutrient content and structure of your soil, over time, these will become depleted as the plants take up the goodness from the soil. This means that improving your soil will be something you’ll need to do on a regular basis.

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To ensure your soil stands the best chance of being in tip-top condition, always choose high-quality topsoil and other soil improver products, such as from Field Compost. Speak to our experts today.