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What to sow and grow in November

Take a look at this list of top plants and vegetables to sow and Grow this November, advised by Thompson&Morgan!

Flowers to sow and grow in the greenhouse

  • Sweet peas – sow sweet peas in a cool greenhouse or coldframe for an early display next year.
  • Perennial flowers – try growing perennial flowers from seed this month in the greenhouse (such as Laurentia, Delphinium, Verbascum, Foxglove, and Lupin).
Sweet peas image
Sweet Peas

Flowers to sow and grow outside

  • Flowering Bulbs – continue to plant spring flowering bulbs outside. To speed up planting, invest in a bulb planter.
  • Daffodil bulbs.
  • Christmas Rose (Hellebore) – plant this now for some beautiful winter flowers!
hellebore plant image
Hellebore Plant

Fruit and Vegetables to sow and grow in the greenhouse

  • Winter Salads – sow winter salads under glass, protected by cloches or on a bright window sill indoors. Choose types that won’t require extra heat, such as Winter gem, Winter land cress, Purslane and Corn salad.
  • Herbs – sow pots of herbs in a heated greenhouse or on a bright window sill indoors. Try Basil, Dill, Chives and Parsley.
basil plant image

Fruit and Vegetables to sow and grow outside

  • Aquadulce Claudia Broad Beans.
  • ‘Meteor’ peas – sow outdoors for an early crop next year.
  • Overwintering onion sets and garlic – for something different this year, try the massive Elephant Garlic.
  • Asparagus crowns – these can now be planted for tasty home-grown spears.
  • Rhubarb crowns – these can also be planted now in well prepared soil, and plenty of organic matter.
  • Strawberry runners and plants
  • Spring cabbage
  • Raspberry canes and blackberries – remember to put a support system in place for the canes before planting.
  • Gooseberries and currants – plant now for a vigorous start to next season.
  • Blueberry plants – blueberries prefer a slightly different acidic soil, but do very well in patio containers if your garden soil is not acidic.
elephant garlic image
Elephant Garlic