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Delivered just in time for my autumn overseed & top-dress. Highly recommended.
We had several areas of green damage moving to close of season and decided on applying Field Composts product as it had been recommended (and given how late it was in the season). We spread the product across the areas with seed we also purchased as the season closed and we have virtually instantaneous positive results. You can see the difference in growth against areas not receiving the product. We are going to buy two jumbo bags to apply March 2024 based on this experience. I must also comment on the delivery driver, he managed to find our back cobbled access road (and it is hidden) and delivered the bags right up to our gates, fantastic service and most pleasant man.
Hi brought this after seeing a lawn guy on YouTube saying what good stuff the compost is. Ordered 20 bags for my lawn renovation late Sep 23. This is is truly great compost for lawns. Very fine and easy to spread. Lawn looks fantastic after scarification, overseeding and field compost No 4 as a top dressing. Would highly recommend this company and product.
I used Field Compost no.4 when reseeding my lawn. No.4 was lovely to use and the bulk bag did no contain any debris. Comms from Nick was great, he was incredibly helpful. Delivery was on time with good comms there too. Wont hesitate to recommend or use again
We ordered the No 4 Lawn Dressing to carry out repairs and changes to our Crown Green Bowling Green. We ordered through the website including delivery which was quick and easy to do. The communication from Field Compost was excellent regarding the delivery of the lawn dressing and the large bag was deposited next to the green as requested by the green keeper who met the delivery driver. The lawn dressing (Grade 4) is an excellent product. It has been used to raise the level of two corners and also to 'patch repair' some areas that had been damaged. The areas repaired were seeded and, even though the weather has been inclement at times, the seeds have sprouted well and the grass is knitting together well. Overall, an excellent product from an excellent company. Sill definitely use them again for our green keeping needs.
Easy to order, great communications, and ultimately an excellent product to help my lawn & over seeding project. I'd never had success with seeding before this time. Many thanks! Mike
Superb dressing - very fine and easy to work into the lawn, plus the delivery driver was incredibly helpful in stacking it exactly where I wanted it. Will be ordering more in the spring!
Having seen the videos by DHLE on YouTube I was intrigued by his use of Field No 4 when over-seeding. I decided to carefully follow each of his steps to renovate my lawn and despite there being cheaper alternatives to Field no 4 I decided to go with it. Result I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. Hassle free order ✅ Perfect delivery ✅ Well packaged to keep dry ✅ Unbelievable quality of product ✅ Keep up the good work !!
I bought 19 bags on behalf of our bowling club and we used it mixed with sand as top-dressing. It was easily applied with our spreader and has worked a treat on the over-seeded green.
I ordered Field No 4. Lawn dressing which was delivered in 5days .It is a very fine mix and was very dry and it went on great .I thoroughly recommend No 4 .
Prompt delivery delivered to exact location asked for. Lawn hollow tined and top dressed and looking great despite the hot weather. Another great product.
Great delivery arrangement-driver very helpful. Lovely product to use - would order again.
Great product and great service all round, we will be back in autumn for more
I've just used this after over seeding. Time will tell how well it helps propagation, but it was bone dry, very high quality with zero rubbish in it and delivered on a pallet well protected from any rain. It really made the job easier than expected, with it being so easy to spread being so dry, although still hard work! Using regular compost would have been much harder work though. For a guide to others, I applied it reasonably sparingly, just applying a thin layer over my lawn to cover the seed and low spots. I bought 1,500 litres of No.4 lawn dressing, and it covered an area of approximately 200 square metres. I will be buying again when I come to over seeding my back garden.
How refreshing to deal with a company that genuinely wants to make sure the customer is totally satisfied. Every box ticked for me, The product is excellent and the quality was consistent in every bag I had a specific delivery requirement, absoutely no problem! The delivery driver took all the bags off the pallet and stacked them where I wanted them and was so friendly. 10/10 for me and will be using Field compost again and again, well done, and thank you.
Great price, slick service, supurb product. Will be using / purchasing this product in the future. Many thanks.
Many thanks for a very positive experience. The website was clear and simple to use; the attention to detail arranging delivery was excellent, and the top dressing came carefully sealed against the rain and was a dream to apply to the lawn - the perfect consistancy to spread and level. This was the first stage of lawn treatment and I will certainly be ordering more in future.
Quality of Premium soil delivered was excellent and was exactly as described on your website. Ordered soil in the past from other company’s and quality not the same as advertised. Excellent customer service and delivery spot on as agreed which I find is very important. Will definitely be using again.
Dry, fine, rich, spreads and brushes in really well. Grass is on the way through already.
Fantastic product. Dark, nutrient rich, friable and very easy to work with. Was still warm in the bag when delivered! Looked far and wide to find what I was looking for and was very glad to find this. Spread it on newly seeded lawn to improve my soil. The advantage was I could apply as much or as little of this compost after already spreading some sandy/loam dressing during renovation. Jumbo Bag worked out better value. Nick was very helpful on the phone even before my purchase and arranged delivery for exactly when I needed it. Planted seeds in mid/late October and the grass looks beautifully green already a month later with no other fertiliser added at that time. Would definitely buy again.
Ordered four bulk bags of dressing and the staff were excellent with regard to arranging delivery and there was no pressure as to when. It is really wonderful soil and my grass loved it. You won’t be disappointed
I have used many companies for lawn dressing, Field compost are simply the best, the product is amazing, screened to a fine level. other suppilers I have found bits of tin, bramble etc. 100% for these guys.
Very professional service from start to finish, my lawn has never looked so good in just one month, I would definitely recommend field compost.
Our lawn had yellowing patches and was being invaded by clover. It had hardly grown enough to need mowing over the summer. But after a bit of work aerating with a fork and top-dressing with this soil, and within two weeks the grass was green and growing again.
Totally impressed with product and service. Delivery could be cheaper.
I ordered a 1000ltrs of top dressing for my lawn and not only is it easy to spread but it looks and feels like an excellent product. This is the second time I’ve used Field products and I’ve been very pleased on both occasions. Richard
Excellent dressing, fine, dry, easy to spread, and very quick delivery.
This stuff is awesome. Better than various proprietary brands of lawn fertiliser for rehabilitating a knackered lawn. Skilful drivers who can negotiate a tight driveway backwards and happy to put the bulk bags where you want them
Service was excellent. Very prompt delivery and notification of times. Product proved excellent and my lawn is now looking in the best condition for many years.
The order was easily made online, efficiently handled and delivered on time. What else could you want except perfect goods, which is exactly what they were. Excellent!!
This is the third time we have ordered garden compost and mulch from Field Compost, so that should tell you something about the products. Great compost and consistent quality delivered to our door. The drivers have all been pleasant and willing to drop jumbo bags just where we need them in the yard. It has really improved the quality of our clay based soil and our plants are thriving. Excellent product and great customer service. Highly recommended!
Great product delivered when agreed. My lawn has never looked better :-)
I've used Field Compost twice and each time has been great. Superb quality lawn dressing. Easy to use website.Friendly staff when I contacted them by phone and a very obliging delivery driver. What more could you ask. I will be ordering more products in Spring 2019.
I've used Field Compost twice and each time has been great. Superb quality lawn dressing. Easy to use website.Friendly staff when I contacted them by phone and a very obliging delivery driver. What more could you ask. I will be ordering more products in Spring 2019.
This review is for the new product mixed with sharp sand. After the ravages of the 2018 summer the lawns were looking tired and had bare patches, a good scarification and then top dressing with this Field Compost product and some reseeding has brought them back to life, and they now look great. Four starts awarded as the sand used has some rather coarse particles, although the grass has now covered these and they will disappear completely over time when the reseeded patches have thickened.
Excellent top dressing. Dry, and fine with no lumps, spreads very easily. Contact between order and delivery was also excellent. Highly-recommended.
Excellent stuff really high-quality easily workable very happy with the workability of this lovely top dressing highly recommended
Excellent product for Guaranteed Germination when applied correctly. Easy to spread by rake, but also goes fine through a spreader to give good coverage. Also gives a good visual finish to any Scarification work when luted in. Perfect for Lawn Renovations.
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