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Professional Potting Blend (Mix C)

A professional grade, peat free potting compost with added loam. 100% peat free and contains no composted garden waste.

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Field No. 23 Professional Potting Blend

What is it?

A professional grade, peat free potting compost with added loam. 100% peat free and contains no composted garden waste.

What does it do?

A ready to use peat free potting compost that is well suited to a broad spectrum of plant species.

Benefits include:

  • Field No.23 is a tried and tested professional grade growing media. It outperformed all other treatments during nursery trials whilst the product was being developed.
  • Field No.23 contains a natural supply of slow release nutrients resulting in stronger and healthier root development.
  • Field No.23 contains added fertiliser sufficient for the establishment of new plants.
  • Field No.23 has excellent water holding and re-wetting properties.

How do you use it?

For Seed Sowing

For certain seed types sieve the compost to <4mm first or you may wish to try the Field No.7 seed compost. Firstly, fill a seed tray or plant pot, level and gently firm down below the rim of the container. Sow seeds according to the suppliers recommendations. Water gently and keep moist and warm within a purpose built propagator or under a sheet of clear glass/polythene. Keep warm and shaded until germination takes place, then remove covering and place in warm sun lit area, avoiding direct sun light.  Water and feed as necessary following seed supplier’s instructions.

For Re-potting

Make sure the plant has been well watered and left to drain before re-potting. Choose a pot at least 4cm larger than the existing one. Fill the new container up just below the level of the existing plant root ball, then carefully place the plant on top leaving about 1 cm below the rim. Fill and gently firm the void space around the root ball with Field 3, then feed and water according to the plants requirement.


Remember to keep Field No.23 moist at all times - do not let it dry out and equally do not overwater!

Once again the excellent team at Field have come up trumps with this one......very popular product for our regular customers who want to take their gardens to the next level
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