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Field No.20 Horticultural Grit (6mm)

A high quality finely graded <6mm gravel.

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Field No.20 Horticultural Grit

What is it?

A high quality finely graded <6mm gravel.

What is it for?

Field No.20 Horticultural Grit has a multitude of uses from improving drainage in topsoil and compost mixes to mulching pots and borders.

Benefits include:

  • Field No.20 is washed and finely graded to ensure it is free from dust and fines, thus it is fit for horticultural use.
  • Field No.20 has an attractive golden colour making it ideal for use as a mulch or as a fine decorative aggregate.

How do you use it?

To improve drainage and the porosity of growing media for pots and raised beds. Mix up five parts Field No.21 High Quality Planting Topsoil (raised beds) or Field No.23 Professional Potting Blend (pots) with one part Field No.20 Horticultural Grit.

As decorative mulch. Simply spread the Field No.20 Horticultural Grit over the area to be mulched at a depth of up to 50mm (2”).

As a decorative fill between paving slabs. Field No.20 Horticultural Grit can be used as a decorative alternative to mortar for filling the joints between paving slabs. This can look particularly effective on garden pathways.

A fine grit with a multitude of uses...very popular with our customers
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