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Field No.8 Ornamental Bark Mulch

Field No1 Soil Conditioner

Field No.8 Contract Ornamental is a popular mixed conifer bark mulch that is frequently specified by landscape architects for commercial planting contracts. It is screened to a 10-40mm particle size, is FSC certified, conforms to BS EN 4790:1997 for fire resistance and contains less than 20% white wood, dust and fines.

How do you use it?
1. Clear weeds from area ahead of planting. Spraying off with a systemic herbicide such as glyphosate two to three weeks prior to planting is particularly effective.
2. Prepare and cultivate the root zone. The addition of Field No. 1 soil conditioner or Field No.16 Tree and Shrub planting compost is recommended at this stage.
3. To further reduce maintenance requirements and to increase mulch life a geo-textile mat can be laid ahead of planting.
4. Plant area.
5. Spread Field No.8 evenly at a depth of between 75 and 100mm (3 to 4 inches) allowing at least 10% for settlement.
6. For best results reduce disturbance of mulch once installed.
7. For best results top up levels every 6-12 months.
8. Spread around planted borders to suppress weed growth, conserve moisture and set plants off beautifully.

What does it do?
  • Meets with specifier requirements for commercial landscaping contracts.
  • Provides an aesthetically pleasing dark under layer to planted areas.
  • Suppresses the growth of existing perennial weeds and resists colonisation by annual weed seeds.
  • Allows for clean access to planted areas whilst resisting soil compaction from foot traffic.
  • Holds moisture in the soil reducing the need for irrigation.
  • Adds an insulating layer to the planted area resisting climatic extremes of freezing/drought conditions.
  • Lasts for up to 2 years gradually increasing soil organic matter levels as it slowly degrades over time.
  • Makes soil easier to dig
  • Reduces the need for watering in drier months

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