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  • FIELD No1- Soil Conditioner
    BUY FIELD No1 Online Now!
    Organic Soil Conditioner

    High quality composted soil conditioner screened to less than 10mm. [... ]

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  • FIELD No2 - Premium Growbag
    BUY FIELD No2 Online Now!
    Peat Free Growbag

    Premium peat free growbag suitable for use in greenhouses or on patios [...]

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  • BUY FIELD No3 Online Now!
    Peat Free Multipurpose Potting Compost

    Multipurpose growing media suitable for seeding, potting, and containers.[...]

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  • BUY FIELD No4 Organic Fine Grade Lawn Dressing
    BUY FIELD No4 Online Now!
    Organic Fine Grade Lawn Dressing

    Finely screened 4mm lawn dressing for topdressing and growing.

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  • FIELD No5 - Organic Fine Grade Topsoil
    BUY FIELD No5 Online Now!
    Fine Grade Topsoil

    High quality special mix for use on lawns or in small pots and planters. [...]

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  • FIELD No6 - Raised Bed Topsoil Mix
    BUY FIELD No6 Online Now!
    Premium Grade Topsoil

    High quality special mix for filling raised beds.

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  • FIELD No7 - Premium Seed Compost
    BUY FIELD No7 Online Now!
    Peat Free Seed Compost

    Multipurpose fine grade growing media suitable for seeding in pots.[more...]

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  • FIELD No8 - Contract Ornamental
    BUY FIELD No8 Online Now!
    Ornamental Bark Mulch

    A popular mixed conifer
    bark mulch. [...]

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  • FIELD No9 - Pine Play Bark
    BUY FIELD No9 Online Now!
    Pine Play Bark

    A general purpose 18-35mm soft bark mulch suitable for use on play areas.[...]

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  • FIELD No10 - Pathway Woodchip
    FIELD No10 - Now back in stock

    25mm general purpose soft woodchip mulch [...]

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  • FIELD No11 - Pine Pot Mulch
    BUY FIELD No11 Online Now!
    Pine Pot Mulch

    Dark brown in colour, 3-15mm particle size.[...]

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  • FIELD No15 - Peat Free Vegetable Planting Topsoilt
    BUY FIELD No15 Online Now!
    Vegetable Planting Topsoil

    A nutrient rich blend of sandy loam, multipurpose compost. [...]

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  • FIELD No16 - Peat Free Tree and Shrub Planting Compost
    BUY FIELD No16 Online Now!
    Peat Free Tree and Shrub Planting Compost

    Designed to give trees, shrubs and perennials the perfect head start [...]

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  • FIELD No17 - Ericaceous Topsoil Blend
    BUY FIELD No17 Online Now!
    Ericaceous Topsoil Blend

    a special purpose low pH growing media [...]

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  • FIELD No18 - Well Rotted Horse Manure
    BUY FIELD No18 Online Now!
    Nutrient Rich Manure

    Well rotted, nutrient rich horse manure. [...]

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  • FIELD No19 - Horticultural 
Sharp Sand
    BUY FIELD No19 Online Now!
    Horticultural Sharp Sand

    Field No.19 Horticultural
    Sharp Sand [...]

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  • FIELD No20 - Horticultural Grit
    BUY FIELD No.20 Online Now!
    Horticultural Grit

    Horticultural grade lime-free washed stone. [...]

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  • FIELD No.21 - High Quality Planting Topsoil
    BUY FIELD No.21 Online Now!
    High Quality Planting Topsoil

    A high quality blended planting topsoil that is [...]

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  • Professional Potting Blend
    BUY Field No.23 Online Now!
    Professional Potting Blend

    A professional grade, peat free potting compost with added loam. [...]

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  • High Quality Lawn Turf
    BUY High Quality Lawn Turf
    Online Now! Collected from CB9 7SJ

    Grown in the Fens, our High Quality Lawn Turf is cut [...]