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Mister Compost's Tree, Shrub and Vegetable Rootrainer Bundle Deal

Everything you need to propagate your own plants from seed in one great value bundle!

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Mister Compost's Tree, Shrub and Vegetable Rootrainer Bundle Deal

This great value bundle contains everything you need to start growing your own plants from seed.  

1 x Maxi Rootrainer System

The Maxi Rootrainers are the largest modular Rootrainer in the range, perfect for broadleaved trees grown on a long cycle to larger saleable sizes and for plants destined for dry sites. 
• 40 cells/tray (10 books)
• Dimensions: 44.5cm x 27.5cm x 13cm
• Volume 350cc
Please Note: Rigid trays are an essential part of the system. Propagating lids are not available for the Maxi.

1 x Deep Rootrainers

Deep Rootrainers are the workhorse of the range - suitable for propagating and cultivating nearly all plants, trees, shrubs, herbaceous, fruit and vegetables; especially those that have deep fast growing roots such as sweet peas and beans.

Here are just a few examples of the many plants that can be grown with Deep Rootrainers
Vegetables e.g. Broad Beans, Runner Beans, French Beans, Beetroot
Herbaceous Plants e.g. Sweet Peas, Delphiniums, Sweet Williams, Wallflower

Each pack contains: 1 holding tray, 8 books and a clear propagating lid.

Rootrainers encourage vigorous, strong root formation; roots grow straight, avoiding root balls and pot bound plants.

Opening the Rootrainer up in a book-like fashion allows for easy inspection of moisture levels and root progress, as well as satisfyingly easy removal of the young plants.

Cell depth 12cm (5")  Tray Size Length 36cm (15") Width 22cm (9") Depth 9cm (3.5"). 

Helpful hint: Protect your seedlings from mice by surrounding the Rootrainers with holly leaves.


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