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Bulk High Quality Topsoil Delivered Loose

Bulk High Quality Topsoil Delivered Loose

Perfect for projects where larger quantities of quality assured topsoil are required.  If you are undertaking a larger scale soft landscaping project such as a creating a big new lawn or planted area this could be the ideal solution.  Subject to access we can deliver single lorry loads of quality assured BS3882 (2015) topsoil up to 29 tonnes (approximately 17m3).

Great Value!

Purchasing topsoil loose is great value for money as prices start from as little as £25 per tonne subject to delivery location and quantity purchased.

Check Site Access

Firstly check to see if your site has access for a larger lorry to tip the topsoil safely, see dimensions below.  It is also important to consider any effect on local residents and any possible delivery time restrictions at your site.  If you have any concerns regarding the logistics of your delivery please discuss these with us before placing an order.

The dimensions below are based on the truck approaching the entrance in a straight line, if the approach access is at an angle then more space will be required.

Typical Characteristics of Articulated Truck

Grossweight: 44 tonnes
Net weight: 29 tonnes (Approximately 17m3 of topsoil)
Width: 3.2 metres
Length: 12.8 metres
Height: 4 metres

Typical Characteristics of Rigid Truck

Grossweight: 32 tonnes
Net weight: 20 tonnes (Approximately 11.75m3 of topsoil)
Width: 3.2 metres
Length: 11.5 metres
Height: 3.7 metres

Calculate How Much Topsoil You Need?

As with all of our products it is easy to calculate the approximate quantity of topsoil required.  Simply measure the length, width and depth of the area you wish to fill with topsoil in metres and multiply the three dimensions to give you the approximate volume required.

Length (m) X Width (m) X Depth (m) = Volume (m3)

Consider Organic Matter?

Organic matter is key to soil being able to function and provide growing plants with the nutrition and water they require to grow.  Our bulk topsoil conforms to BS3882 (2015) and contains sufficient soil organic matter for soil to function.  However we would recommend the addition of organic ammendments such as Field No.1 Organic Soil Improver or Field No.25 Max-mulch to optimise the growing conditions for the plants you intend to grow.  To find out more please speak with one of our team when placing your order.