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High Quality Lawn Turf

High Quality Lawn Turf

Grown in the Fens, our High Quality Lawn Turf is cut and delivered on the same day. Each roll covers a square metre.

How to lay the perfect lawn.

Prepare the ground by removing any weeds, existing grass and large objects (stones etc). Level with a rake and firm using either a garden roller or your feet! For best results, add a 15mm layer of Field 21 to bed the turf down on. This will add nutrients to the soil to encourage the roots to go downwards. Start laying your turf along the straightest edge, a path or patio for instance. After unrolling each turf, work the edges into the next turf ensuring good contact. Lay a board along a freshly laid turf and hit along the length with a heavy hammer. This will ensure good contact with the soil below. Cut turf to shape along a border or at the end of a run using a sharp knife.

Aftercare details - Turf Aftercare Pdf

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