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FIELD No.6 - Premium Grade Topsoil

FIELD No6 - Premium Grade Topsoil Mix

A high quality blended topsoil ideal for use in raised beds or for making up levels in planting areas.Field No.6 is also ideal for establishing new lawns either for bedding down turf or germinating grass seed. It is a ready to use root zone containing a 70:30 mix of sandy loam (Conforming to BS3882:2007) and Field No.1 Soil Conditioner. Field No.6 is carefully blended and graded to less than 8mm ensuring that it is always a clean and consistent product.

What does it do?

  • Field No.6 is blended using a high quality sandy loam that makes it robust, easy to handle and free draining.
  • Field No.6 contains up to 10% organic matter that will help stimulate soil life and nutrient transfer to growing plants.
  • Field No.6 supplies plenty of potash which is nature’s answer to anti-freeze for plants.
  • If you are looking to grow vegetables in a raised bed we would recommend our Field No.15 Vegetable Planting Topsoil. Or if you have specific requirements such as growing ericaceous plants or wild flowers let us know and we can blend a product accordingly.

How do you use it?

Prepare your raised bed or planting area ensuring that there is adequate drainage

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