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FIELD No.3 - Multipurpose Potting Compost

FIELD No3 - Multipurpose Potting Compost

Multipurpose growing media suitable for seeding, potting and containers.

How do you use it?
Provides a balanced environment for the healthy growth of most plant species from the germination of seeds through to planting containers.

For Seed Sowing
Fill a tray or pot with Field 3, level and gently firm down below the rim of the container. Sow seeds according to suppliers recommendations. Water gently and keep moist and warm under a sheet of glass or polythene. Keep warm and shaded until germination takes place, then remove covering and place in warm sun lit area, avoiding direct sun light. Water as necessary following seed suppliers instructions.

For Re-potting
Make sure the plant has been well watered and left to drain before re-potting. Choose a pot at least 4cm larger than the existing one. Fill the new container up just below the level of the existing plant root ball, then carefully place the plant on top leaving about 1 cm below the rim. Fill and gently firm the void space around the root ball with Field 3, then water well.
Remember to keep Field 3 moist at all times - do not let it dry out and equally do not overwater!

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