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Get a Wriggle on with Earthworm Watch this Summer Holiday and Save £16 on Jumbo Bags of
Field No.1 Organic Soil Conditioner

This summer holiday Field Compost Ltd are promoting Earthworm Watch, a national survey with the aim of gaining a better understanding of earthworm populations whilst encouraging healthier soils.  A great way of improving soil health and increasing earthworm populations is to increase soil organic matter (SOM) and there is no better source of SOM than Field No.1 Organic Soil Conditioner.


To help promote the Earthworm Watch survey, Field Compost are offering our new enormous 1500L Jumbo Bags of Field No.1 Soil Conditioner for just *£69 (the same price as a 1000L bag!).


*Offer ends Friday 1st September 2017.  Price includes VAT and delivery within 25 miles of CB9 7SJ

FIELD No.1 - Organic Soil Conditioner

High quality composted soil conditioner screened to less than 10mm.

Field No1 Soil Conditioner

What Does It Do?
A high quality soil improver manufactured to BSI PAS100 (2011) from composted organic material. This product has been graded to a particle size of 10mm. A great alternative to spent mushroom compost or manure that can be used as a mulch on beds and borders or incorporated directly into the soil.  Field No.1 can also be used as a lawn dressing as part of a spring or autumn maintenance programme.

How do you use it?
Spread evenly over bare soil to a depth of 10 cm; then for best results dig in with a spade or a fork; or leave it for the worms to do the hard work for you over a longer period of time. Remember it is not recommended to plant directly into Field 1 as it doesn't contain the appropriate balance of nutrients for plants to grow healthily.

  • Field No.1 Can be used as a mulch that provides an insulating “blanket” for the soil that will suppress weeds protect plants and bulbs from frost and severe weather conditions.
  • Field No.1 Will stimulate worm activity and they will quite literally dig this valuable source of organic matter into the soil for you.
  • Field No.1 Supplies plenty of potash which is nature’s answer to anti-freeze for plants.
  • Field No.1 Naturally releases balanced levels of phosphate that will help stimulate root growth.
  • Field No.1 Slowly releases nitrogen as the soil warms up helping to bring your garden back to life in the spring.
  • Field No.1 Will encourage beneficial microorganisms in the soil that improve plants resistance to disease.

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